("Hot!Bonus" is the regional newsletter I write for my company to enhance morale and job performance. Here is an excerpt from issue 44, the most recent installment.) 

Stress is a killer. It ages you. If you let yourself get worked up about things, it will physically age you faster than normal.

The high-energy “fight-or-flight” response we feel when under duress produces the chemical cortisol. Too much cortisol exposure weathers your TELOMERES – the caps on the end of your DNA strands. As these helpful pieces of you wear away from your anger, your cells lose some ability to repair and grow. Your overall health will depreciate. It’ll be very hard to lose weight. And you’ll have lizard skin sooner than you should.

If you got double- or triple-sat, two side works you need to be stocked are empty, and it does not seem physically possible to fit everything you need on one of our surfboard trays, try not to get upset. It’s not just unproductive; as I explained, it’ll kill you.

I’ve been reminding myself lately to not let my blood boil – at work, and otherwise – especially at things that don’t surprise me. Empty side works and packed dining rooms are nothing new. Neither are disrespectful customers. And they are probably the best excuse to get mad.

But you’re better off not. Just take a breath. Sometimes I like to hold two empty glasses up to both ears and pretend I’m at the beach for a few moments. Just make sure to put the glasses in dish – not back in the clean glass rack.