Fix Your Flip Flop Funk

I know it's hot out out - time to cool down as much as possible. And the easiest way to do so is by wearing as little as possible, especially on your feet.

Socks and shoes around your toes (and all those little nooks and crannies in between) all day in the hot moist weather can cultivate some real funk - I'm talking some Bruno Mars-Bootise Collins-JAMES BROWN levels of soupy funk sloshing around in there. So I get it. But there is a better way to avoid the funk than the villianous flip-flop:

1.  Get better sandals. (Thick soles and the more of your midfoot that is covered, the better - bonus points for a strap around your heel.)

2.  Watch your posture. (HEEL-TO-TOE!!!!)

3.  Stretch your knees and calves. 

4.  Don't be athletic in sandals. (Even if "athletic" is in the title of the shoe.)

5.  Listen to this episode.


National Institute of Health:



Stretches/Exercises to help Flip-flop muscle damage: 

Under Armour:


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