Better FightCast 8-10 - Conor v WWE, Bisping v Hendo?!, Cyborg, USADAgain

Conor's Twitter shenanigans with WWE are hilarious and perhaps setting up the Irishman's transition into that "sport."

Why oh why did old man Dan Henderson get a title shot at Michael Bisping? The fans?

They FINALLY found another female big enough (and ballsy enough) to fight the 145-lb Cris Cyborg.

You can't expedite every UFC drug test. It's not so crazy Brock's negative test results happened to come back AFTER he cheated against Marc Hunt. The casual conspiracy theorist even thinks there were no shenanigans here. USADA was also busy testing all those Olympians now in Rio.

Bellator is not going away; this MMA competitor should help the UFC and MMA just get better and better.