Come to the table; have fun talking what it is to be a human animal.

We focus first on physical health. Give yourself a strong foundation to then better dig into the psychology and comedy of life.

I’m a certified personal trainer whose spent years honing the easiest way to live right in spite of the many things in our way – the drive-thru, a log jammed scheduled, or the ultimate saboteur – the human brain.

After we’ve tackled the vital parts of living, we can pursue other facets of a healthful life – cultural reflections of our humanity, like sports, movies, television, and EVERYTHING that speaks to maximizing the human experience.


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Why me?

Ever since my once- chubby fingers could hold a crayon, I’ve felt the need to create things, communicate with the masses, and ultimately contribute to the betterment of humanity.

I graduated from Towson University magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s in English. (It would have been the loftier “cum laude” if not for the only “C” I got at the school; I will curse you forever, “Science Fiction Writing.” [the class, not the practice])

In Academia, I was a thrice-published poet, a columnist for two publications, and the entertainment editor for my high school newspaper.

I’ve interned at the Baltimore City Paper, Bello Machre, and Sheppard Pratt Health System. (My English degree was almost a psychology degree; I was a member of the honors society for psychology students at my junior college.)

Since then, I have:

  • Freelanced for a prominent marketing firm – the one that turned the front of a downtown Baltimore parking garage into a giant can of Old Bay;

  • Founded and produced a regional newsletter (THOUSANDS of eyeballs) to enhance the morale and performance of employees for one of the biggest names in hospitality;

  • Won prestigious sales contests AND designed my own which increased the sale of target items;

  • Cultivated countless relationships with EVERY kind of person after years and years (and years) in the service industry;

  • Substitute taught for Anne Arundel County Public Schools for several years (and got a taste of what it's like to be a correctional officer); and

  • Written grant materials, canvassed, and phone banked for a variety of nonprofit organizations (I was a finalist last year for a Baltimore Corps fellowship.).

I am your everyman! Please join us. You’re always welcome. My fellow health enthusiasts and I love you all.

-Matthew Crocamo Jr.


Better Fight Cast

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You can join all three of us on most episodes of Better Fight Cast & A Better Show.