Better Health and World is a guide for how to live right, as best as you can, in our challenging world.

We begin with nutrition.  Feed your body and mind the best foods so you have energy to pursue all parts of a better life.

We live fast-paced lives.  Our goals and duties leave us little time to research the right food to eat or brands to support.  Many meal decisions get made with only a few minutes to fly out the door.  Our tight schedules and conflicting information make it hard to know how to live right. 

We do our best to sift through quality sources and glean accurate answers about health.

In addition to food, we study:

-people and companies doing the best work,

-achievements in green living,

-and other better things.

Headquartered in a historic Baltimore row home, we are students of the world dreaming of a future where it’s easier to eat—and live—healthy.